Technical Service Bulletins

Technical Service Bulletins

Technical Service Bulletins are a feature of Yokohama's commitment to customer service. These bulletins are issued on a periodic basis in order to keep our customers current on new information, proper treatment, care and development of Yokohama products.

Avoiding Vehicle Vibration Complaints 03/25/2015
This Interactive Service Bulletin includes short video segments that support each topic.
If you’d like to download the bulletin with embedded video, please click here. Please note this file is over 30 MB.

Authorized Freight Carriers for Warranty Claim Processing 12/17/2014
New toll-free number for Louisville Service Center

P-Metric/European Metric Replacement Guidelines 10/22/2013
Passenger tires in the United States are available in two size designations: ‘P-Metric’ and ‘European Metric’. The difference is easily identifiable in that P-Metric sizes begin with the letter ‘P’ whereas European Metric sizes have no alpha designation. This bulletin gives guidance on replacing P-Metric OE fitments with European Metric tires of the same nominal size (section width, aspect ratio and rim diameter).

Proper Tire Repair Practices, September 2012 09/13/2012
Yokohama Tire Corporation recommends the Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) guidelines for proper tread area puncture repairs for any Yokohama consumer tire products. Any repair that fails to meet the RMA guidelines is considered, by Yokohama, an improper repair.

Warranty Credit Operations 08/01/2012
Effective July 1, 2012, all warranty credit operations are being performed in our Fullerton, California Corporate Headquarters. The previous warranty administration office in Salem, Virginia is closed.

Yokohama ZPS Runflat Tire Service Guidelines 02/10/2012
Yokohama ZPS (Zero Pressure System) runflat tires include special technology to allow the tire to operate at reduced speeds and distances with zero inflation pressure.

Tire Inspection and Replacement Guideline 10/21/2011
To help customers understand appropriate care for their tires and important considerations for tire replacement, Yokohama has prepared these guidelines.

P-Metric / European Metric Replacement Guidelines 10/05/2011
Passenger tires in the United States are available in two size designations: 'P-Metric' and 'European Metric'.

Yokohama Warranty Policy Mileage Warranty - Tire Rotation 1/31/2011
Yokohama Tire Warranty Policy as it pertains to tire rotation and mileage warranty.

Puncture Repair Procedures For Yokohama Tires with AIRTEX™ Advanced Liner Technology 12/15/2009
Yokohama has created a new line of energy efficient tires that features a new type of inner liner technology, AIRTEX™ Advanced Liner.

Yokohama Warranty Policy Claim Document Preparation 11/2/2009
Yokohama Tire Corporation is proud to offer customers extensive warranty coverage based on terms and conditions presented in our warranty claims documents.

Vehicle Fuel Economy And Tire Energy Efficiency 9/1/2008
Useful information about Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy and Tire Performance.

Manufacturer Contact List 5/9/08
Vehicle manufacturer and tire industry contacts technical services bulletin.

Bentley Tire Replacement 11/19/07
Bentley Continental GT & Flying Spur "B1" Tire Replacing "B".

Bead Seating Pressure 11/15/07
Bead seating pressures, passenger and light truck tires.

Nitrogen Inflation 11/15/07
Nitrogen tire inflation services for passenger and light truck tires.

Yokohama ADVAN Sport Tire Replacement for Bentley Continental GT & Flying Spur 2/22/07
Please be aware that when the time comes to replace Bentley tires it is important to install tires that have the same capabilities as the Yokohama ADVAN original equipment tires.

Vehicle Manufacturer and Tire Industry Contacts 9/28/06
Following are some useful customer service telephone numbers.

Corporate Environmental Affairs Policy 9/12/06
Yokohama Tire Corporation believes in preserving the environment and earth’s resources. It aims to accomplish efficient and effective use of materials and resources through the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Geolandar M/T+ Tire Mixing Recommendations 8/25/04
In an effort to help you achieve maximum benefit from your tires, we are providing the following recommendations for tire mixing as it relates to the Geolandar M/T+.

AVS Sport Run Flat Sizes Tire Service Guidelines 8/19/03
AVS Sport tires in some sizes include special technology to allow the tire to operate at reduced speeds and distances with zero inflation pressure.

Tire Registration 2/11/03
The purpose of tire registration is to enable the tire manufacturer to contact you directly in the event of a recall. While a recall is unlikely, it's important to make sure your tires are properly registered.

Tire Balance, Vehicle Ride & Vibration 1/28/03
Proper tire mounting, balancing and installation are critical to attaining a smooth vehicle ride. Vehicle vibration and a suspected problem tire may actually be due to an improperly balanced tire and wheel assembly or related mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Match Mounting 1/28/03
To facilitate proper balancing, Yokohama places red and yellow marks on the sidewalls of its tires to enable the best possible match-mounting of the tire/wheel assembly.

Tire Bead Lubricants 1/28/03
Preferred materials are animal soaps and vegetable oil soaps. These materials will have no adverse affect on tires or rims.

Tire Storage Recommendations 11/21/02
The storage of tires requires particular care. If tires are not stored properly, not only will there be deterioration in their appearance, there may be a loss in performance and compound integrity.

P Metric to LT Conversions 7/03/02
Original equipment P Metric tires are sometimes replaced with LT or Flotation sizes. If such a replacement is requested, it is important to ensure both the inflation pressure and load are sufficient for the vehicle and service involved.