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Yokohama Tire Corporation’s Sustainable ‘Living Wall’ Display Lauded by Exhibitor Magazine

June 17, 2010

FULLERTON, CA (June 17, 2010) – Yokohama Tire Corporation’s eco-sensitive “living wall” display, shown at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show, has been honored with a Bronze Award by Exhibitor magazine in its prestigious and highly-coveted annual Design Awards, announced in the May 2010 issue.

Exhibitor, “the undisputed authority in all aspects of trade show and event marketing,” has awarded its Exhibit Design Awards since 1986 to honor the world’s best trade show exhibit designs. One EDGE Award (for Exhibit Design and Graphic Excellence) and multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are offered in 15 categories.

Exhibit Design Award winners are featured in Exhibitor, plus they receive a trophy and recognition at the Exhibitor Show, the world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketing.

Based in Fullerton, California, Yokohama incorporated in its winning display a new technology developed by NaturExhibits™, featuring a 90-foot, grassy-like “living wall” that was decorative and left virtually zero waste, according to Jim MacMaster, Yokohama executive vice president and COO.

“We have always sought ways to reduce waste and the living wall provides us a perfect opportunity,” MacMaster said. “It is natural, biodegradable and adds an eye-catching, dynamic element to our booth. We’re glad Exhibitor magazine felt the same way.”

Or, as Lena Valenty wrote in Exhibitor, “Nothing says sustainability like 9 million seeds sprouting from an 880-square-foot vertical plant bed.”

Yokohama featured a similar living wall display at the Mid-America Trucking Show last March in Louisville, Kentucky. The Vertical Exhibit Garden technology, created by NaturExhibits in Laguna Beach, California, allows exhibitors at trade and consumer shows to use living plant materials instead of printed products.

“We provide exhibitors like Yokohama the ability to replicate company logos in 3D using lush, oxygen-producing plants,” said Scott Hutcheon, president of NaturExhibits ( ). “It’s a perfect way to attract a crowd with something that looks spectacular, is living, recyclable and leaves almost no waste.”

The overall LA Auto Show display was conceived and assembled by exhibit house Czarnowski, which incorporated Yokohama’s traditional red, black and white color scheme alongside the bright green of the living wall.

The living wall display, consisting of lettuce winter density and red mustard, was re-planted for an in-ground garden at the conclusion of the show.

The Exhibitor article about Yokohama’s display is available online at .

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