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Yokohama Tire Corporation's All-New ADVAN Neova® AD08 Scores Big at Tire Rack 'Extreme Performance Summer Testing' Event

July 01, 2009

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FULLERTON, CA (July 1, 2009) - Yokohama Tire Corporation's all-new ultra high-performance tire (UHPT), the ADVAN Neova® AD08, received high praise and scores from Tire Rack in its recent Extreme Performance Summer Tire Testing session.

Matched against three of Tire Rack's newest Extreme Performance Summer Tire competitors during rigorous testing, the Neova AD08 ranked first in overall lap time, dry slalom, real-world handling, dry stopping distance and overall dry track subjective rating.

The AD08 is the latest addition to Yokohama's global flagship ADVAN® line and an updated version of the Neova AD07, known since 2006 as "the fastest street tire." After the Tire Rack testing, it is clear the AD08 is faster than its main competitors in the dry.

Tire Rack described the AD08 as having "Laser-sharp steering response and balance of dry and wet traction. The Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08's steering response was quick and precise, braking was sure-footed and overall handling felt well-balanced, which combined to help this tire deliver the fastest overall (dry) lap time of the test."

Tire Rack summed it up by saying, "It has race tire-like handling and traction for the street."

"The Tire Rack test results confirm what we already know: the Neova AD08 is the fastest, best-handling UHPT on the market," said Mark Chung, director, corporate strategy and planning. The Tire Rack testing took place at its 10-acre facility in South Bend, Indiana which features a 1/3-mile test course with 90-degree street corners, and simulated lane changes. Tires were also tested on a 6.6-mile loop of expressway, state highways and county roads at city and highway speeds on varied road surfaces.

The all-new ADVAN AD08, available in 32 sizes ranging from 15 to 19 inches, is designed for a variety of premium sports cars and sedans, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus and others.

Neova AD08 sizes are:

205/50R15 86V, 205/55R16 91V, 225/50R16 92V, 205/45R17 84W,

205/50R17 89W, 215/40R17 83W, 215/45R17 87W, 225/45R17 91W,

235/40R17 90W, 235/45R17 94W, 245/40R17 91W, 245/45R17 95W,

255/40R17 94W, 215/45R18 89W, 225/40R18 88W, 225/45R18 91W,

235/40R18 91W, 245/40R18 93W, 245/45R18 96W, 255/35R18 90W,

255/40R18 95W, 265/35R18 93W, 285/30R18 93W, 295/30R18 94W,

225/35R19 88W, 235/35R19 87W, 245/35R19 89W, 255/30R19 91W,

255/35R19 92W, 265/30R19 89W, 275/30R19 92W and 295/30R19 100W

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