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Yokohama Tire Corporation's Environmental Policy

December 30, 2011

• Address environmental concerns in its business activities consistent with the Yokohama Rubber Company’s environmental management strategy, Grand Design 100, by asserting world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment.

• Establish and strengthen the environmental management system, implementing preventive measures against pollution through continuous improvement, and applying the best technologically and economically feasible solutions.

• Comply with and abide by all applicable legal requirements, and other environmental requirements to which we subscribe.

• Conserve natural resources by implementing pollution prevention targets through waste reduction, recycling, and reuse contributing to the creation of a sustainable recycling society.

• Take action to combat global warming by ensuring responsible use of energy throughout our business, including conserving energy, improving energy efficiency, and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources when feasible.

• Provide environmental information, education, and training programs to employees, as well as align with and contribute to the environmental welfare of stakeholders where practical.

• Strive for continual improvement of business processes, products and activities. Environmental objectives as set by the Environmental Management System will be monitored using measurable targets and reviewing progress annually.

Yasushi Tanaka
President & CEO
Yokohama Tire Corporation