Predicting Casing Growth

Natural casing growth occurs in all tires during the first 30,000 miles. By using a process called Finite Element Method, our engineers divide the tire into thousands of individual elements, then analyze each element under simulated load, to accurately predict casing growth.

Then, an optimal casing shape is designed to compensate for growth, to manage stresses and strains over the life of the tire.

Fighting Fatique and Stress

As a tire rotates, the casing flexes as it comes in contact with the road - loading and unloading more than 150 million times over its average lifespan. The constant flexing impacts the two most vulnerable areas of the casing, the bead area and the belt edge. This is why Yokohama has developed technologies to significantly mitigate fatigue, and manage the strains that occur during normal operation.

Proven To Handle Mulitple Retreads

The result of our advanced technologies is a durable, long-lasting tire, built to handle multiple retreads.