Creating a World-Class Compound

Our advanced rubber compound is created through a very efficient, environmentally friendly, single-stage mixing process that yields a molecular structure with better carbon distribution with lower dioxide occurrence. The end result is reduced heat build-up in the tread area and significantly lower rolling resistance which allows for deeper tread depths for increased mileage and maximum performance.

  • Irregular rubber molecule length
  • Unstable carbon dispersion
  • Large presence of dioxides
  • Uniform rubber molecule length
  • Evenly dispersed carbon
  • Low dioxide presence

Testing Your Way To the Top

As the following chart clearly illustrates, our advanced rubber compound has a significant impact on the low rolling resistance of our tires.

Yokohama’s advanced compounding technology reduces the effect of heat on the tread and casing for a reduction in rolling resistance. Data represents results from an independent testing laboratory.

Fuel Saving Calculator

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