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At Yokohama, practicing green goes beyond the walls of our corporate office and into the homes of our employees. “Going Green” is not just a business slogan; it’s a way of life. Check out below for some of the ways our team members take on environmental stewardship. Feel free to adopt or to pass on! Together, we can all make a difference.

Unplug when not in use

Probably the most unseen and forgotten waste of energy is all our electronic gadgets and household equipment that we leave plugged in, but not necessarily turned-on.

This includes:

• Computers
• Printers
• Misc computer equipment (external hard drives, network routers)
• Electronic charging stations or connectors (for phones, iPods, etc)
• Television and home theater equipment (DVD players, powered speakers, etc)
• Video game consoles
• Kitchen equipment (toasters, coffee makers, counter top grills, blenders)

Each of the above draw some level of energy even when the switch is in the "OFF" position. Remedy this by holding to one simple rule: "if it's not in use, unplug it." I found that when I unplug the gadgets, I can save up to 15% on my electricity bill.

Steve M.

Reduce appliance usage between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM

The cost of energy is most expensive between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM. During this time, the following may help conserve energy:

• Reduce air conditioner by setting it on 78 degrees
• Save dishwasher usage until after 7:00 PM
• If possible, try to limit the usage of an electric oven or stove during these times
• Limit your usage of hot water (regularly) or decrease the temperature on the hot water tank to save energy
• Hold off on doing laundry (especially drying) until after 7:00 PM

Phaelona B.

Buy detergents in a cardboard box

Not only does this avoid purchasing products that are over-packaged, it avoids using plastic, which is less environmentally-friendly than paper products such as cardboards!

Alan H.

Repurpose plastic grocery bags

Use the bag as a lunch bag then re-use it a second time before recycling it back at the grocery store.

Andrew M.

Recycle used up pens, pencils and markers

When we recycle at home, we typically only think of beverage containers but these writing instruments are very good candidates as well since they are made of plastic!

Jim N.

Green ideas for the home provides green ideas for the home. Ranging from greening your laundry (energy-saving tips when doing the laundry, removing stains naturally) to green cleaning a bathroom (“green” cleaners, how to unclog a sink naturally) and greening your house in general.

Mary Ann S.

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