Product Performance

Product Performance

Asserting our world-class technologies in the design and manufacturing of tires means that tangible environmental benefits are realized in the performance of our products. Our dB Super E-spec™, for example, with our orange oil technology, promotes fuel efficiency via the characteristics of the orange oil itself as well as via our patented AIRTEX™ Advanced Liner without sacrificing performance.

Commercial Tires:

  • Eight Yokohama Commercial tires (703ZL™, RY617™, RY587MC2™, RY587™, TY517MC2™, 103ZR™, 101ZL™ and RY407™) have been EPA SmartWay-verified for their ability to reduce transportation-related emissions.
  • Yokohama has been awarded the EPA SmartWay Partnership in the "shippers" category, given to companies who ship more than 50% of their freight via SmartWay-certified transportation. In 2010, Yokohama shipped 205 million pounds of freight on SmartWay-certified carriers, which cut CO2 emissions by 15%.

Yokohama Commercial tire product highlights:

703ZL™ Drive Tire

  • The deepest tread depth - one full inch - and the lowest rolling resistance in its category.
  • Longer tread life and casing life.

103ZR™ Steer Tire

  • Highly durable that it accepts three re-treads.
  • Innovative mixing process reduces rolling resistance, even with a deeper tread depth (23/32nd). This extends mileage by 20% for improved fuel economy.


  • Designed using the Zenvironment technology, which has the goal of minimizing waste and significantly reducing pollution.
  • The RY407 Super Single eliminates the extra wheel assembly and the need for dual tires commonly used on big rigs.