Tire Care & Safety

Tire Inflation and Vehicle Fuel Economy

Useful Information about Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy and Tire Performance

Vehicle operating cost is a major consideration for drivers each and every day. Yokohama would like to provide you with special tips to help you save money, optimize tire energy efficiency and maximize tire service life.

Additional fuel conservation tips:

  • Conservative driving at the speed limit may improve MPG by 5% in the city and by 33% on the highway.
  • A reduction of 100 pounds of weight in your trunk, (such as tools or sporting equipment) can lead to 1 to 2% better MPG.
  • Vehicle maintenance:
Maintenance Item Contribution to Improved MPG
Clean Air Filter approximately 10% better mpg
Tune-Up approximately 4% better mpg
Corrected Wheel Toe approximately 3% better mpg
Clean Engine Oil approximately 1–2% better mpg