30-Day Trial Processing Procedures

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Yokohama's confidence in its products is backed by a 30-day consumer trial period. If your customer is not satisfied within 30 days of mounting the products on his/her vehicle, the tires may be eligible for return per the terms of our 30-day trial warranty. Please have your customer return to the place of purchase and present their original sales receipt. If eligible, then follow one of the two processing options below.

Option 1
This option accommodates the dealer wishing to return the tires to Yokohama.

1. Follow Yokohama's normal adjustment procedure. Please indicate that the adjustment is per the 30- day trial period. Return the tires to the Yokohama service center to receive total credit as the normal adjustment policy dictates.

Option 2
This option accommodates the dealer wishing to keep the returned products at a special purchase price.

1. Upon receiving a customer request for a refund, contact the Yokohama Consumer Affairs Department at 800-722-9888. Mention that you need a Trial Period Return Authorization (TPRA) number .

2. The Yokohama Consumer Affairs representative will fill out a claim form and provide you with a TPRA number and a claim form number.

3. Yokohama will initiate the credit memo process and will mail you a copy of the claim form. The credit memo amount will be determined by adding the mounting & balancing fees, applicable taxes and 10% of the original acquisition price.

4. Eligible credit amounts are:

  • Dealer special purchase price
    Special purchase price is 10% of the dealer's acquisition cost
  • Mounting & balancing
    $10.00 maximum per tire for mounting and balancing.
  • Taxes
    All applicable taxes are eligible for reimbursement.
Acquisition Price: $100.00 x 4 = $400.00
Mounting & Balancing: $10.00 x 4 = $40.00
Taxes: $7.00 x 4 = $28.00
Total     $468.00
Purchase Price Difference: $10.00 x 4 = $40.00
  ($100 x 10% = $10.00)
Mounting & Balancing: $10.00 x 4 = $40.00
Taxes: $7.00 x 4 = $28.00
Credit Amount     $108.00