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The mark of superior EV tires.

EV Compatible Technology

Introducing E+, Yokohama’s mark exclusively reserved for those tires that have been specifically designed for use on electric vehicles. This identifying branding indicates that the tire has been produced with proprietary technology that will meet or exceed the needs of electric passenger cars, buses or trucks.

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EV owners want tires that last. That’s why we built the all-new ADVAN Sport EV A/S. The ADVAN Sport EV A/S gives you the sharp steering response, powerful braking, and improved snow traction of the ADVAN Sport A/S+, with the addition of long, reliable treadwear that’s hard to find in an EV-specific tire.

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Yokohama at Electrify Expo

Yokohama Tire to Debut New ADVAN Sport® EV A/S at Electrify Expo Show in Texas
Yokohama Tire’s first-ever ultra high-performance all-season tire specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs) – the ADVAN Sport® EV A/S – will debut at Electrify Expo in Austin, Texas, November 10-12.

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