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Maintenance & Care

Tire Life

Every Yokohama tire is designed to last a certain number of miles. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your tires.

Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for tire service life. For a tire in use for five or more years, including your spare tire, Yokohama recommends an inspection by a qualified tire service professional at least once a year to determine whether the tire can continue in service. In the absence of instructions from your vehicle manufacturer regarding tire service life, Yokohama recommends the replacement and disposal of all passenger and light truck tires whose D.O.T. production date is 10 or more years old, even if the tire appears to be undamaged and has not reached its tread wear limits. To locate the D.O.T. number, refer to the tire sidewall where the D.O.T. number will appear. D.O.T. numbers are coded, as follows:


Production Date (represents week & year tire was made): 1915 = Tire was made 19th week of 2015. More information can be found here

Proper Tire Storage

Tires should be stored indoors in a cool dry place where water cannot collect inside the tires. Do not store in areas that are wet, humid, oily, greasy or in direct sunlight. Do not store in the same area as an electric motor or other ozone generating source. If tires are not stored properly, not only will there be a deterioration in their appearance, there may be a loss in performance and compound integrity that can lead to tire failure.