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A tire’s carcass provides the structure needed for a tire to perform. Carcass design involves making informed decisions about the overall shape of the tire and the precise dimensions and locations of each of the components.

Changing a single carcass component can dramatically impact tire performance. For example:
  • Wider steel belts can improve handling.
  • Changing steel belt angle can improve handling or ride quality.
  • Stiffer sidewalls more effectively transmit steering inputs to the tread.
  • Heavy-duty body ply can contain higher inflation pressure which allows for higher load capacities.
  • Tire shape optimization can improve rolling resistance and treadwear.
Tires are made of rubber compounds consisting of various chemical compositions.  The image below highlights two of these compounds which influence the tire's performance. The tread compound is the area of tire that contacts the road and provides traction and tread wear, whereas the undertread (base) compound, is the layer of materials located directly beneath the tread compound that provides transition to the belt structure.

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