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Team Yokohama

Grit. Determination. Ability. Achievement.


At Yokohama, we don’t just go, we GO STRONG. This underlying philosophy is the core of everything we do. It’s who we are, it’s what we believe, and it’s the driving force that pushes us forward to always be better.

Team Yokohama Drivers

Our all-star line-up of Team Yokohama drivers are the embodiment of our GO STRONG mentality. From starting line to finish line, each and every one of our team members lives, breathes, and drives the passion and adventure of the Yokohama brand.

Travis Pastrana

Andrew Carlson

Justin Lofton

Caballo Del Diablo

Kristen Matlock

Wayne Matlock

Levi Shirley

Steve Arpin

David Hartman

Brian Caprara

Chayse Caprara

Mia Chapman

Apdaly Lopez

Bucky Lasek

Hubert Rowland

John Holtger

Tanner Foust

Zach Szymik

Athletes and Ambassadors

You don’t have to be a professional race car driver to be part of Team Yokohama. Each of these athletes and ambassadors live and breath our GO STRONG mentality in their own unique and inspiring way.

Brita Sigourney

Beaver Fleming

Blake “Bilko” Williams

Misty Diaz

Robert Killian

Sydney Olson

Dan Grec

Lyn-Z Pastrana

Brittney Crowell

Apply and become a part of Team Yokohama today!

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